Friday, May 31, 2019

Sutton State Championship Semi-Pro Football Team - 1930

Sutton baker E. T. Nuss fielded a semi-pro football team that took on a Lincoln team for the unofficial Nebraska State Championship in 1930.

The Sutton Nuss semi-pro championship team, 1930, is shown in the team photo after the last game. The team split up shortly after. Front row: (l-r) Milton Bauer, Herbert Heckman, John Eberhard, Al Spielman, Robert Oakes, Rueben Tysell, Herbert Spielman quarterback and coach. Seated Jerry Nuss, Middle Row: (l-r) Alex Bauer Business Manager, Henry Brening Equipment Manager, James McLaughlin, Herbert Heinz, Mr. Woods, Charles Oates, Floyd Schmer, Al Delaney, E. T. Nuss Owner/Sponsor, Back row: (l-r) Dr. J. W. Welch Team Physician, Ernest Rauscher, Henry Nolde, John Haberman, Al Ochsner, Orville Oates and Herbert Wiley. Not shown: Henry Hofmann. 

This article appeared in The Clay County News on June 9, 1994 - Page 3B.

Joseph MacAvoy Murder Conviction Upheld - June 1944

June 1944 Sutton Men in War News

Local Sutton men were in the news in June 1944 for their actions around the world.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

May 2019 Flooding at the Wolfe School Museum

Several days of rain stressed the capacity of School Creek raising water level forcing overflow through back through the drain from our school house yard. 

The water level did not reach that of 2015 when the water covered all the cement blocks reaching inches below the level of the school house floor.

In 2000, before the city sold us this plot of land and we moved the school house from Clay Center, we consulted City Manager Virg Ulmer. Virg brought copies of the flood study done when School Creek was straightened and confined by levees. He estimated that we would be safe from all but the rarest of floods by raising the school house on five cement blocks. So far, through 12 years, Virg's advice has served us well. The 2015 flood reached exactly the level we anticipated. This flooding fell short by 1 1/2 blocks. We'll take it.

Pvt. Leonard O. Hansen is Sutton's 8th WWII Casualty

Pvt. Leonard Orville Hansen of Sutton was killed on May 14, 1944 at Hardwick, England. Pvt. Hansen was a ground crewman in the 330th Bomb Squadron of the 93rd Bomb Group. He was the son of Ole and Mary Hansen who farmed in Sheridan Township.

Ole Hansen was an 1880 immigrant from Denmark.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

1944 Graduates Receive Congrats from Downtown

The Graduation of Sutton High Class of 1944 received congratulations from many Sutton businesses providing us with a decent cross section to the Sutton business picture that year.

Friday, May 3, 2019

From the "More things change, the more they stay the same" department:

For about 15 years, I had varying degrees of responsibility for disaster planning in major corporations in the San Francisco Bay Area. This was during the time of the introduction of the cell phone but while land line phone service was still predominate.

The problem described here by Art Wach in 1944 is exactly the same problem we worried and fretted about in the 1980's and 1990's in Northern California.

Though there are numerous forms of emergency conditions in both localized and widespread areas, the ability to communicate to coordinate emergency responses is critical. We practiced procedures and had the opportunities to stress our communications systems, microwave cell towers and central telephone exchanges, for real (Loma Prieta Earthquake, October 17, 1989, 5:04 p.m. Pacific time comes to mind.)

There were regular public service announcements and corporate training sessions to drive home the concepts of  communications discipline during emergencies to adults and children. Just like Art Wach's public service ad in Sutton in 1944.

May 1944 Editorial Thoughts of Ronald Furse

From the May 11, 1944 issue of The Sutton News

Editor Ronald Furse occasionally took the time to ponder, or pontificate in his weekly newspaper around 75 years ago. His thoughts illuminate his world for us.

1944 Clay County track meet results

Sutton won the Clay County track meet in 1944 - 75 years ago. This Sutton News article gave a good accounting of the action.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Sutton High School building 1886-1912

An earlier two-story high school building in Sutton burned in 1886. This building is cited as the second high school in town. A photo from the other side of the building is in the alumni directory. I'd not seen this shot before I found it in the May 4, 1994 issue of The Clay County News.

This building served District #2 from 1886 until 1912 when the large brick school house was built on the same site.

1919 Sutton High Junior Class Play Bill

The Sutton High Class of 1920 gave this as their Junior Class Play in the spring of 1919.

1919 Advertisements

This product on the market in 1919 claimed to take the place of chains for car tires. Anyone know what this was all about?

This Harvard business was clearly working its way out of the horse business into the mechanized world.

This early 1919 vacuum cleaner looks amazingly like a product you might find today.

Museum Blog Statistics

Our website host Blogger, a service of Google provides an accounting of our exposure and audience. We are a passive site engaging in no advertising with a target audience of people interested in the small Nebraska town of Sutton and its history.

As of April 30, 2019 we have had a total of 175,975 pageviews over our lifetime of about 10 years. We currently have about 2,500 pageviews a month.

We also receive an insight into where our pageviews come from. During the last month, our stats are:

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Our all-time audience is led by the United States, of course, followed by Russia, France, Germany, Ukraine, South Korea, China, Poland, UK and Canada

The Techie stats are: leading OS is Windows with 65% followed by Linus at 11 - Mac is 8%. The leading browser is Chrome with 36%, Explorer has 27% followed by Firefox, Safari and BingPreview....

New Drive-In by the Park - 1969 - to become the Sweet Treat

The new business in town in April 1969 was this Drive-In across the street from the park and the swimming pool.

Later to become The Sweet Treat.

Prince Albert Tobacco AD

Tobacco advertising used to be a bid part of radio and TV advertising as well as print media.

A link below goes to a site of vintage Prince Albert ads.

A silly and overused practical joke was to call a retailer and ask, "Do you have Prince Albert in a can?" If the retailer replied in the affirmative, the jokester came back with, "Well, you better let him out."

Yeah dumb...

A Collection of Vintage Prince Albert Advertisements.