Tuesday, January 12, 2021

1970 Clay County Census Report

From the January 7, 1971 issue of The Clay County News - 1970 Census report for the county.


Lillian King, Wife and Mother of County Newspaper publishers

Lillian King was the wife and mother of the long-time publishers of The Clay County News. She died in 1971


1971 4-H Queen & King - Valentine & Kauk

4-H honors have been perennially news for the whole county. This story is from January 14, 1971.

1971 Basketball Team at 8-1

The Clay County News on January 14, 1971 speculated that the 8-1 Mustangs were soon to be rated.


Thursday, December 31, 2020

Trigger and Rod column - Bill Hinel

Some may remember this column from about 50 years ago - this in a December 1970 issue of Clay County News.


Wednesday, December 30, 2020

1920 County Census Report

This is the 1920 census report for Clay County. It gives the comparison for 1900 and 1910 for each political subdivision.

I've heard persistent comments that the population of Sutton topped out at 2000 at some point in the past, usually given as about 1900. I'm guessing that that is a misrepresentation of someone at sometime taking the Sutton Township statistics and assigning them to the city of Sutton. The township includes the 36 square miles with the farms, almost all of the city of Sutton, and half of Saronville. That was a bit over 2000 during 1900 to 1920.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Griess Name & Sutton was Featured in 1922 Lincoln Paper

This article in a 1995 issue of The Clay County News told the story of a 1922 article in The Lincoln Sunday Star about the Griess family of Sutton. 

The original 1922 article follows.


The headline banner of the Lincoln paper on July 30, 1922 surely caught the eye of Sutton locals.

This collage of photos was the centerpiece of the 1922 Lincoln Sunday Star article.

1871 Sutton Businesses

 Under Construction

1895 Sutton Businesses

 Under Construction

1970 Sutton Businesses

This collection of local and area businesses doing business in Sutton comes from the holiday wishes issue of the Clay County News on December 21, 1970.

1920 Sutton Businesses

 Under Construction

1945 Sutton Businesses

1995 Sutton Businesses

 Under Construction

2020 Sutton Businesses

 Under Construction

Friday, December 18, 2020

1920 All-County Football Team

Four county football coaches named the 1920 All-County Football Team. The Clay County Republican newspaper published their list on December 23, 1920 - front page news.

We'll take a run at uncovering first names for the players - on going project for a time. (see below) Suggestions appreciated. Also, any comments about Grandpa or your Great, Grand Dad. 

Sutton Players mentioned:

Kniss       - Alfred, Class of '21
Schultz    - Fredrick, Class of '23
Wieland  - Edwin, maybe Milton, Class of '22 - both on Sutton's 1922 Class A championship basketball team
Speilman - Herbert, Class of '23, also on '22 Class A championship team.
Bennett   - Alton, Class of '21

Kahm       - Alex, Freshman, Class of '24, known to some as Catherine Cassell's brother.
Wenzlaff  - Theodore, Class of '21 - Col. U.S. Army & Sutton historian

Clay Center Players


Fairfield Players

Feeny (?)

Edgar Players


As I said, work in progress. Sutton players appear in the 2001 Sutton Alumni Directory, a priceless treasure. The rest will have to come from deeper digging (searching and browsing the 1920 census for instance.)