Thursday, September 19, 2019

Naval Ammunition Depot Explosion - Sep 15, 1944

The Hastings Naval Ammunition Depot provided a needed boost, or economic stimulus, to the Clay and Adams county region, but there was a down side.

1969 Sutton Mustangs Roster

This was a good representation of the size of Sutton High boys in 1969. I don't know about the size of your grandsons, but....

The 1969 Sutton High Football Schedule

Advertising in old newspapers provides a good first cut at identifying the business climate of the time.

Count the bars, cafes, and restaurants. Count the barber shops and beauty shops. Groceries and retail outlets. 

The population of Sutton was similar between 1969 and today. What was different was the density of farmsteads. The farms got bigger and the people got fewer. Fewer farmers meant less business being conducted. As businesses closed, the trend spiraled. The phenomenon was even more pronounced in many surrounding communities - think Harvard, Clay Center, Ong, Edgar, Grafton, Fairmont. 

Comparatively speaking, Sutton has held its own, probably also Henderson. Slightly larger communities have fared better. Think Geneva and Aurora. York and Seward are a step up and sustained themselves well - diversity. 


Tuesday, September 10, 2019

1919 Clay County Track Meet

The September 11, 1919 issue of The Clay County Patriot newspaper in Clay Center described the upcoming county track meet with participants from the towns and rural schools in the county.

2nd Lt. Frederick Bender graduates from Corps of Engineering School

Frederick G. "Fritz" Bender of the John Deere dealership Bender's completed the Army's Engineering School in August 1944. Graduates of the school were commissioned as Second Lieutenants in the Army.

Lt. Bender was heading for duty with the Corps of Engineering at a Georgia camp.

1969 School Dress Code Stories

The prospects of a formal dress code loomed front and center on the minds of the student body of Sutton Schools as the 1969 fall semester began.

This first story identifies those lucky faculty members and parents on the dress code committee. 

The second story details the nature of the resulting dress code.

A couple of ancillary stories came along as a consequence of widening the clipping to include the headline. Enjoy....

Sutton Schools faculty 1944-1945 School Year

This was the school opening story in The Sutton News in August 1944.

1944 Sutton Lions Club members

These were the members of the Sutton Lions Club in August 1944.

Guy Matteson appointed to Postmaster in 1944

The postmaster position was a political appointment through much of our history. Each presidential election that changed the political party of the president triggered a near wholesale turnover in each and every post office. A few incumbents were seen favorably by each local political party, but usually the normal brought a new face to the office.

There was a competitive examination to qualify for the position. In this case Guy Matteson was replacing Frank Weston who had resigned in 1944.

1944 Floods on School Creek

The August 31, 1944 issue of The Sutton News had this story of floods on School Creek following seven inches of rain in the area.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Sutton Schools bought lots for the Ag Building in 1944

Sutton Schools purchased the lots on the southwest corner of the Way Avenue and Hickory Street intersection to build the Ag Building. This from The Sutton News on August 31, 1944.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Ulmer Family with 4 Sons in WWII

Mr. and Mrs Jabob Ulmer (she was Julia Serr) had four sons on active duty with two more, age 21 and 18 who expected to be called up. This from The Sutton News on Sept. 7, 1944.

Sutton High's 1969 Football Roster

Here is the roster of the 1969 Sutton High Football Team.

Zion Lutheran Church celebrated its 75th Anniversary in 1969 - in an earlier building

In 1969, the Zion Lutheran Church celebrated its 75th anniversary in this building.

Early Harvard History item

This 1919 item in The Harvard Courier was a bit of early Harvard history from Tom Matters.

Tom Matters made news during this period for his participation in a banking scheme by Melchoir Luebben that led to the demise of the 1st National Bank of Sutton and the opportunity for the two men to enjoy some time off in state lodging facilities. 

1919 Jail escapee in Clay and then Adams Counties

This fine fellow had been held in the Clay County jail a few weeks earlier when he tried to escape. When authorities caught him, they took him to Hastings to lock him up in a better, more secure jail.

He took up the challenge: