Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Untold Story of Girls' High School Athletics

The story of girls' athletics at Sutton High is an untold story, at least we haven't told it here or in our articles in Sutton Life Magazine.

We have a short list of potential future topics that are worthy of the research and time and effort to become one of our articles. We could use a little help with that.

We have an intermittent collection of school annuals that tells an intermittent story at some level. A more personal touch would be appreciated.

The kinds of questions that we have include:

When did specific girls' sports begin in Sutton - volleyball, basketball, track?

How did the programs get started - who were the first coaches and girls?

How long did it take to achieve success on some level?

What were the competing schools? Did everyone in a conference begin the same year or was the sport introduced gradually across school districts?

What girls' sports existed "way back?" We seen accounts of girls' sports in the '20's and 30's; when did those programs fold up? How long did Sutton High go without any girls' athletic programs, etc.

Our short list of article topics account for the June and July Sutton Life Magazine articles with a few candidates for August in the queue. How about we time this story for August or September to coincide with the beginning of the school year?

If you have information on this topic, or have anecdotes or personal experiences we'd really appreciate hearing from you. Please comment to this posting or contact Jerry Johnson at

Thanks for the help