- founded 2005

President:                Jerry Johnson
Vice President         Mark Metcalf
Secretary                Rita Johnson
Treasurer                Donna Hill
Board Members:  Ron Griess, Liz Hofmann, Jan Rath


The Purpose of the Sutton Historical Society is to collect and preserve the historical artifacts and information about the history of the Sutton community.


309 N. Way Ave.
Sutton, Nebraska
Two blocks east of the north end of downtown Sutton, just north of the railroad tracks.
Or, two blocks west on Maple Street from Highway 6 at the beginning of curve out of town to the east.


Sutton Historical Society
P. O. Box 92
Sutton, NE 68979

email:   suttonNEhistory@gmail.com
phone:  402-773-0222
twitter:   @suttonNEhistory


Membership in the Sutton Historical Society will make you a committed participant in the preservation of historic artifacts and information about the community of Sutton, Nebraska. We solicit your financial support and any personal participation equally. Our greatest resource is the time and effort of active members, but we need to pay the bills, too.

Annual Memberships    -                   $   25
Lifetime Memberships   -                   $  200
Your time and encouragement     -    Priceless


We have contributed a weekly column to The Clay County News entitled "Clay County thru the Rear View Mirror" since the summer of 2009. The column references news articles from county newspapers 25, 50, 75 and 100 years ago each week. Visit http://theclaycountynews.com/ for a look at the online home of The Clay County News.

The Sutton Historical Society contributes a monthly article related to Sutton history to the Sutton Life Magazine published by Mustang, Inc. in Sutton. Many of the postings on this blog are based on some of those articles. Contact Jarod Griess at 402-984-4203 or at neighborhoodlife@yahoo.com for more information about this publication.


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Our all-time number of page views was over 33,000 on March 1, 2014 with about 50 page views per day.

Our all-time number of page views was over 49,000 on March 1, 2015 or an average of 43 per day over the past year.

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