Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lich Drug Fountain Pen Ad

This 1917 ad touted Parker Fountain Pens at the Lich Drug Store in Sutton.

Has anyone within the range of this post used a fountain pen within the past month? the past year? ever?

Check out to order your new Parker fountain pen - pens in their prestige lines typically run from $200 - $500. It won't take much effort to find some a bit pricier.

The Carter Silver Paladium goes for a cool $17,800. Would you risk actually using one of those. Certainly wouldn't put it my pocket and walk out the door. 

1942 Rural School Teachers Supported the Sugar Rationing Program

This article appeared in county newspapers on May 1, 1942. Rural school teachers were assigned responsibility to register everyone in their rural districts for the sugar rationing program. 

We have not seen how people were registered for rationing of other scarce resources - gasoline, tires, coffee, etc. Perhaps sugar registration data was usable for those other products.