Monday, October 24, 2011

Brown's Automatic Base Ball Score Keeper - Clay Center invention

This photo is from the May 12, 1911 edition of the Clay County Patriot newspaper. The device was invented and patented by L. A. Brown of Clay Center that had just gone on the market. He called it Brown’s Automatic Base Ball Score Keeper. Arrows on the front side tracked balls and strikes with provisions to track innings, outs and scores. The line-ups were written on the back and the current batter tracked in movable windows. A player's runs, hits, outs, assists and errors were also tallied on the backside.

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Anonymous said...

OK, Dr. Johnson--what about RBI's?
And can you name MLB's all-time career leader in RBI's, without "looking it up"? Some would call that an example of trivia. At the same time, some enjoy eating liver.