Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sutton Depot Cart

This well-worn cart served the Sutton Depot for many years. We understand that Paul Bender acquired the cart when depot items were disposed of. He kept the cart upstairs in the implement dealership until the demise of that business. It then passed to the Wach family where it was garaged until their sale about two years ago when Regina Leininger ensured it found a home with the Sutton Historical Society.

The two immigrant trunks have Swedish origins. The one on the right came from the Hultman family. The left trunk was addressed: Nils Persson;   Sutton, Clay, County, Nebraska, North Amerika.  Nils Persson immigrated in 1883 and homesteaded in the SW corner of Fillmore County. It too was in the possession of the Wach family.

The Persson trunk is in excellent condition, especially the wood that was used some 128 years ago.

I claim the Persson trunk rode on this cart from the train into the Sutton depot in 1883 - counter-arguments welcomed.

The cart is often in the front yard of the museum on Sunday afternoons, otherwise visit the garage to "Touch Sutton History."

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