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Clay County World War I Deaths

We found the list of Clay County deaths in World War I in the Harvard Courier of Thursday, May 27, 1937 – or at least all but one of them.

The larger picture statistics were that 57,523 Nebraskans served in WWI with 1,655 deaths. Five hundred and ninety-seven enlisted from Clay County with 20 deaths.

The Nebraska deaths were:
Army enlisted men         1,469
Army officers                     44
Navy enlisted men            104
Navy officers                       3
Marine enlisted men           34
Nurses                                2

Clay County lost 18 Army enlisted men and two Navy enlisted men.

The Courier was one man short on its list – will have to look into that later.

Army deaths:
1.      Akerson, Arthur Edwin, Ong, Co. D, 163rd Depot Brigade, died of disease
2.      Anderson, Carl R., Harvard, 38th Co., 163rd Depot Brigade, died of disease
3.      Bray, Earl L., Ong, Co. C, 125th Infantry, killed in action
4.      Case, Lewis, Sutton, Co. B, 314th Supply Train, died of disease
5.      Ficken, John Peter, Edgar, 45th Co. 161st Depot Brigade, died of disease
6.      Fuller, Orsen G., Harvard, 276th Ambulance Co., 19th Sanitary Train, died of disease
7.      Glantz, Peter, Harvard, Co. F., 335th Infantry, died of disease
8.      Lewis, Milton O., Fairfield, Co. G, 4th Infantry, killed in action
9.      Miller, Peter, Harvard, Co. I, 355th Infantry, killed in action
10.  Northrop, Leslie M., Edgar, Supply Co., 352nd Infantry, died of disease
11.  Pearson, John, Saronville, Medical Detachment, Provisional Field Hospital, Co. B, died of disease
12.  Sage, Perry W., Harvard, Medical Detachment, 8th Cavalry, died of disease
13.  Schmer, William G., Harvard, Co. C, 350th Infantry, died of disease
14.  Swanson, Earl N., Saronville, 164th Depot Brigade, died of disease
15.  Urbach, Harry, Harvard, Co. A. 2nd Battalion, Signal Corps, Died of disease
16.  Walther, William, Glenvil, Machine Gun Co., 137th Infantry, died of disease
17.  Zimmerman, Daniel R., Sutton, Co. A, S.A.T.C., University of Nebraska, died of disease
18.  Not available

Navy deaths
1.      Fletcher, Lloyd Vernon, Edgar, Naval Hospital, Charleston, South Carolina, unknown cause of death
2.      McLey, James Nelson, Edgar, Naval Hospital, Great Lakes, Illinois, unknown cause of death

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