Friday, June 1, 2012

Laura Landon (Sue Bauman) Book Signing at the Sutton Museum

Author Sue Bauman of Grafton added a touch of class to the Memorial Day weekend open house at the Sutton Museum. Sue visited with fans on Saturday afternoon and added to her fan base during the afternoon.

Verna Fehr Arnall enjoying discussing books with the author, Sue Bauman

Sue Bauman writes in the historical romance genre characterized as "Victorian Romance" and has several books already published with more manuscripts waiting in the wings. Her recent works have appeared under the banner of Prairie Muse Publishing, an e-publishing firm in Lincoln where "Laura Landon" is prominently featured among their writers.

Sue's works are available at where several of them fall in the Kindle Bargain category available to be downloaded for a buck or three. She appears to have grown a decent formal fan base there judging from the reviews. I found the few 1 and 2-star reviews to be rather picky - I normally read those first before going on to the better comments. I've often found myself convinced to buy a book based on someone's cranky slamming of a book. Some of the 5 and 4-star ratings laid it on pretty thick. Those reviews are always fun to read.

The Laura Landon web site at  will give you a good, quick synopsis of the various books. As you may suspect, I had to check out "Laura's Blog" where I was disappointed in that she doesn't do any better than I to in keeping up on my other blogs (this one excepted.) Perhaps her fans are as skittish about the online world as our locals.

We urge you to check out Sue Bauman's work. It can be a huge asset to our community to have a published author in the area - help spread the word...

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