Thursday, September 20, 2012

Teddy Roosevelt stopped in Sutton September 20, 1912

A Presidential Candidate Made a Brief Stop in Sutton 100 Years Ago

Theodore Roosevelt, candidate for president on the Bull Moose Party ticket, stopped at the Sutton Depot on the afternoon of September 20, 1912. 

Retail politics at that time made good use of the railroad system making "whistle stops" along the route speaking to hundreds at each little town covering a lot of ground in a day. Compare with today's two or three, maybe four appearances a day with a few thousand people in each crowd.

News item in the September 26, 1912 edition of the Sutton Register

Roosevelt became the youngest president in September, 1901 following the assassination of William McKinley and was re-elected in 1904. He was succeeded by Taft in 1908 and attempted to earn the Republican nomination again in 1912. When Taft was renominated, Roosevelt formed a Third Party called the Bull Moose Part and became the third major candidate in the race. The split in the Republican Party assured the victory of Woodrow Wilson in the 1912 election. 

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