Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1943 Wartime New Yorker Ads

We don't see these kinds of ads anymore:

A subscription to The New Yorker magazine includes online access to the entire archive of past issues dating back to the issue of Feb. 21, 1925. It is a mind-numbing library, difficult to find a place to start. So, why not start with the issue of the week of your own birth?

June, 1943 was a busy time in World War II. The references to the progress of the war are interesting enough but the ads in the magazine are especially striking. Production of domestic goods and services were interrupted in support of the war effort. Here is an ad from Desoto, once a major car manufacturing division of Chrysler.

The industrial might of the U.S. was diverted to the war effort. Here is a 1943 ad where
the Desoto division of Chrysler Corporation described part of their story to their
customers, the American people, who as taxpayers were buying equipment for the troops.
One advertising industry that was common in 1943 which has fallen away was the cigarette industry. This was a common approach to cigarette advertising back in the day...

We just don't see this anymore...

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