Sunday, April 28, 2013

New 1913 Harvard Town Marshal

Research for our weekly Clay County News column regularly turns up interesting history told in the distinctive journalistic style of the times.

These items, the first and third, not the vandalism item though that's worth the time also, attempt to tell the story of the May, 1913 turnover in the position of Town Marshall in Harvard, Nebraska. Our interpretation appears after the clipping.

O.K. What happened? It appears that the incumbent marshal was appointed by the mayor in May, 1912 but did not ever receive the blessing of the city council. Why not? "...division in the council upon the license question." What does that mean? I'd guess Mr. Hickman found himself, at the moment, on the wrong side of the alcohol/prohibition discussion.

As for the new marshal, we are not given his name just this not to strangers describing the new fellow in a manner that suggests everyone in town was imminently familiar with him. Clearly, the editor was comfortable describing him this way - must have been a pretty good friend.

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