Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sutton Co-op Bus Tour - 1959

We used this photo in our weekly column in The Clay County News on June 19, 2013 with a promise to identify these distinguished area citizens. Here goes:

Sutton Co-op Bus Tour to the Co-op facilities in Kansas City, Missouri. This photo was taken on February 5, 1959
in front of the Co-op Office Building.

First row, left to right:
Reuben G. Griess, Sutton; E. K. Nuss, Sutton; John O. Griess, Sutton; Benjamin E. Nuss, Aurora; Clarence Johnson, Sutton; Carl E. Nuss, Sutton; Tom T. Griess, Sutton; Ronald A. Ochsner, Saronville.

Second row, left to right:
Frank Starr, Edgar; Deldon Sedersten, Sutton; Lindell Hawthorne, Lushton; Henry Rath, Grafton; Fred Peter, Grafton; Richard Trautman, Harvard; Harold Hofmann, Sutton; Samuel Nuss, Saronville.

Third row, left to right:
Mrs. E. K. Nuss, Sutton; Mrs. Earl L. Hansen, Saronville; Mrs. John O. Griess, Sutton; Mrs. Richard Trautman, Harvard; Mrs. Carl E. Nuss, Sutton; Mrs. Samuel Nuss, Saronville; Mrs. Fred Peter, Grafton; Mrs. Harold Hofmann, Sutton; Robert R. Griess, Sutton.

Fourth row, left to right:
Marvin Jones, Hastings; Earl L. Hansen, Sarvonville; Mrs. Lindell Hawthorne, Lushton; Mrs. Deldon Sedersten, Sutton; Mrs. Henry Rath, Grafton; Mrs. Clarence Johnson, Sutton; Mrs. Frank Starr, Edgar; Mrs. Reuben G. Griess, Sutton; Mrs. Benjamin E. Nuss, Aurora.

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