Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A Look at Edgar in 1888

The July 8, 1938  issue of the Edgar Weekly Times ran this story describing the news in an issue of The Edgar Weekly Times from May 25, 1888. This is a pretty good snapshot of several aspects of life in Edgar 125 years ago...

The 1888 paper was a special edition with extra advertising and photos of the town. If you are looking for information about businesses in a town, the Christmas and New Years issues always have ads from almost everyone in town.

There were photos of several homes, probably among the more prominent residents at the time.

Here was some information about early settlers. The Isham family shows up in many stories of early Edgar.

This special issue gives a good inventory of the businesses in Edgar in 1888. It would have probably been bad form not to have advertised in this issue of the local paper.

And we learn who ran this paper in 1888.

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