Wednesday, April 30, 2014

1930 Sutton High School Annual excerpts

The Sutton Historical Society continues to accumulate annuals from Sutton High School Classes. This post is excerpts from the 1930 annual called The Suttonian.

The cover of the 1930 Sutton High Annual. It is a soft cover 8" X 10 1/2".

The Faculty - 1930.

First page of 1930 seniors. Winning nicknames: Guzzle & Fungi.

#2 page of seniors. A batch of fine nicknames here but I like Ludwig and a 17-year old
gal who has to answer to "Runt" (wonder if she did) deserves some recognition.

"Lovely" and "Mumps" may need some explaining, well, "Mumps" anyhow.

Juniors - too bad we lost some faces here. 

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Defense! Defense! Defense!

Are Alumni games still legal?

Nuss Bakery: butter, bread and Russian seeds - I believe they were actually called
Russian Peanuts and were one reason surrounding townsfolk called Sutton folk,

Check elsewhere for our list of on-hand annuals to see if you might have a spare annual gathering dust
that you might want to contribute - much appreciated - the staff.

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