Saturday, January 31, 2015

Apple Valley Graduation

The Sutton Schools Fourth Grade has a block of classes called "Apple Valley" named for a rural school. Students are assigned to families with background stories for the class.

The past couple of years the Sutton Museum has been honored to provide the venue for the opening and closing activities of Apple Valley.

The two classes of fourth graders participate in the program beginning with a visit to the District #55, Wolfe School at the Sutton Museum. Six weeks later they return for graduation at the museum. These pictures are from graduation on October 31, 2014.

The Pledge of Allegiance received full attention, almost 
Four of the best dressed ladies of the day.

Good 19th Century costumes, don't you think?

Best behaved student.

Or is this the best behaved?

Not in the running. 
Family Pictures at Apple Valley graduation.

Another Apple Valley family

Some happy Apple Valley students - some.

Looks like heavy discussion here.

Easy pick for a pic for special treatment...

The star graduate had a few words for the group...


Class Picture #1

Class Picture #2

19th Century rural school recess - please ignore those things in the street.

Getting organized for recess

-Kids at the Wolfe School at the Sutton Museum - it makes our day week - no, year.

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