Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Apple Valley 2015 kick-off

Sutton fourth graders have a six-week study block called Apple Valley in which they simulate study in a country school. For the past few years, the first and last activities of Apple Valley have been held in the Sutton Museum's Wolf School Museum.

The class visited our school on Friday, September 18th to receive their new names for the study block and learn a little bit about their new "families."

Sutton 4th graders getting their new names and family for their Apple Valley study block

The Sutton Museum is proud to host these two visits and be a part of giving fourth graders a hands-on look and feel of a rural school. And we are happy to speak to the class about the one-room schools and pass along a few of our favorite stories.

The class will be back in six weeks when we will host their Apple Valley graduation ceremonies.

Apple Valley is the highlight of the year for the Wolf School Museum.

I have a "ritual" of lingering in the school after the kids have left when it takes very little imagination to feel that it is a happy day for the school too.

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