Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Sutton's 1941 Clay County Football champs

The 1941 Sutton Football Team

The 1941 Sutton High football team and Clay County Champs that season. These town heroes are: front row, l to r: Max Leininger, Don Hurst, Lawrence Roemmich, Paul Hofmann, Wayne Lohmeier, Bob Rath, Eldon Holmes, Russ Salmen, Fred Nicolai, Jim Weston, Eddie Carl and Ken Ackerman; middle row: Chuck Worrel (Coach), Bud Vauck, Rich Bettger, Bill Sheridan, Bob Wach, Wally Bender, Art Nicholai, Roger Bauer, Harold Schmer, Lee Alberts and Keith Schwab; back row: Larry Barbee (Student Manager), Vic Nuss, Curt Jacobson, Johnny Ehly, Dean Lohmeier, Ken Leininger and Tom Sheridan. Robert Levander missed the photo shoot.

And the audience participation portion of this post is the question, "Where was this photo taken? 

It will help if you're over 70 and went to Sutton High - will help a lot.


Anonymous said...

Looks as though this might've been taken in front of the old gym, where the community center now stands. I remember it was a brick building and a fun place to watch a basketball game.
George Syring '74

Jerry said...

That's the place...