Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Navy Recriting Ads from September and October, 1941.

The Navy ran a recruiting campaign in small town newspapers beginning at the end of August, 1941 and running through the end of October. These ads ran almost every week (they missed one) in The Sutton Register during that period.

An item in early October pointed out that all 60 operating units of General Motors were in full production of war materials - aircraft engines, machine guns, ammunition, etc. about one year after G. M. received its first order from the War Department.

Public sentiment was against the "European" war but those in public service take an oath that includes a pledge to support and defend the constitution where the preamble includes the praise, "provide for the common defense".  They were in preparation mode.

The attack on Pearl Harbor came within six weeks of the end of this particular recruiting campaign. Many who responded to this campaign were in uniform and ready to go on December 8th.

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