Monday, July 10, 2017

1967 Dedication of the French Historic Marker in City Park

The Luther French Historical Marker was dedicated in 1967 and until a few months ago, was the only marker in Sutton's City Park. A new marker is now at the other end of the pavilion recognizing that Sutton was the first Germans from Russia settlement in Nebraska. 

This photo was donated to the Historical Society by the Sheridan family from the material saved by Betty Sheridan.

With the help of the accompanying article, we can take a better run at identifying these seven folks. Our original photo
failed to identify the woman on the left, listed the next fellow as "Rev", Earl Vauck is third and Annetta Trautman completes the left group. The first fellow on the right was identified as a French relative plus Robert French and Paul Bender.

Our reading of the article suggests the woman on the left is the French granddaughter, Mrs. Charles Burns of Sutton. The "Rev" is very likely Rev. Norman L. Jones of Hope Reformed Church who gave the invocation. Bert French of Sheridan, Wyoming is the grandson not identified in our original.

So the seven shown here are Mrs. Charles Burns, Rev. Norman L. Jones, Earl Vauck, Annetta Trautman and Bert French, Robert French and Paul Bender.

This clipping describes the dedication in Sutton's City Park in 1967.

And the text of this marker is:

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