Saturday, May 31, 2008

John & Emma Gray Historic Home

John and Emma Gray built their retirement home next to their original Sutton home in 1908. The house served as the home for several Sutton families for several years until the Unterseher’s converted it into Aunt Emma’s Tea House. The tea house was well known in the area and a popular destination for nine years.
The Unterseher’s restored the house beautifully and upgraded the home’s electrical, plumbing and heating and A/C for their tea house. The house was a prime candidate for the historic home that the Sutton Historical Society was looking for to preserve.
The home is furnished with typical household furnishings and antiques from the 1900 period. John Gray was a lumberman and he installed distinctive woodwork and cabinetry that is intact and remains in great condition.
The Gray Historic Home is the centerpiece of the Sutton Historical Society’s museum complex.

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