Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wolfe School, District #55

The WolfeSchool, District #55, was originally located near Fairfield in Clay County, Nebraska operating until 1963. The School was made available to us by the Clay County Fair Board. The land was a part of the Sutton Park and was deeded to the Historical Society for the School. We thank all who helped us obtain and move the school.

The School is furnished and equipped much as it was during its operation.

We have three objectives for the school

o Illustrate a typical one-room country school houseo Provide a setting for educational programs for children and adultso Host a country school museum with resources and information about the 67 rural schools of Clay County and additional schools throughout the area.

We hope that the school provides our visitors, especially youth, with an accurate glimpse of what it was like to attend a rural school in Nebraska.

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