Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy 100th Birthday to the Sutton Commercial Club/Chamber of Commerce

The Articles of Incorporation for the Sutton Commercial Club was dated February 28, 1912.
This notice appeared in the February 29, 1912 issue of The Sutton Register newspaper.

The officers and directors of the new Sutton Commercial Club in 1912 were:

Henry Grosshans, President

Jacob Bender, Vice President
      Implement Dealer

Homer W. Gray, Secretary
      Son of John & Emma Gray, operator of the Gray Lumber Yard at Maple Street & Way Avenue.

Chas. M. Brown, Treasurer
      Son of F. M. Brown, publisher of The Sutton Register until his death in 1919 when Charles Brown became publisher into the 1930's


Hans. M. Hanson
       Real Estate Agent

Wm. J. Roberts
       Grocer with his father John Roberts

John Schwarz
       Retail Merchant (prob. with "Wieland & Schwarz" women's and children's clothing.)

Leon C. Griess
       Retail Merchant (prob. either with Pfeiffer & Griess Hardware or Gemar & Griess Clothing Store - anyone know?)

Simon A. Fischer
       Publisher and Editor, The Sutton News

This 100th Birthday observation is valid assuming that the Sutton Commercial Club operated continuously from 1912 until it became a Chamber of Commerce a few years ago. If not, then it is still 100 years since the business men (men only, it seems) organized themselves to promote Sutton business.

Also, these were generally young fellows, several under the age of 30.

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Sutton Historical Society said...

After further review, the ruling on the field is partially reversed. The first Commercial Club was incorporated 100 years ago, but apparently it club was not a continuously operating enterprise. An unrelated review of the 1947 Sutton News uncovered a second attempt to create a new Sutton Commercial Club. Some more research is needed to determine how long the first club lasted and whether or not the 1947 story actually turned into a commercial club at that time. Anyone?