Friday, February 27, 2015

Chief Black Horn Visits Sutton 1939

The Sutton Museum recently received several donations from Mr. Bill Johnson, Sutton High grad in the Class of '58. Among those was this picture from the 65th anniversary celebration in Sutton in October, 1939.

In this photo Sioux Indian Chief Black Horn is posing with Laura (Schwab) Lewis, wife of Sutton jeweler A. H. Lewis and grandmother of Mr. Johnson. The chief is wearing the full Sioux Indian battle dress and Mrs. Lewis is in a period outfit matching the 1870's of the founding of Sutton.

One group of Sioux Indians who traveled around the area in the 1870's included annual stops in Sutton where they camped in the city park and traded with Sutton businesses for provisions. Chief Black Horn was 78 years old in this photo and would have been a young man at that time.

Included with the photo were the tie seen on Chief Black Horn in the photo and a pair of adult moccasins with a similar, but teeny, tiny child's or doll's moccasins. 

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