Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dr. H. V. Nuss

This photo of Dr. H. V. Nuss (Herman Victor) appeared in the Clay County News on May 6, 1965. There aren't all that many pictures of the man; I found this one to be a great likeness as I recall him.

Doc Nuss was a native of Sutton, received his medical training in the mid-20's and practiced in Sutton his whole, long career, often as the only physician in the community. He delivered many of us. I sometimes say that he delivered 2 1/2 generations of Suttonites. No one has argued.

He was something of an enigma, working to maintain the image of the old country doctor but the extent that he was involved throughout the area suggests that he was on top of advances in the profession.

He was the school doctor, served as mayor, chaired the county Red Cross drive, maybe forever, and was in the midst of uncounted other activities. I'm proud to say that Dr. Nuss was the first person I met in this world.

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Anonymous said...

And as I remember his eloquent bedside manner when I appeared before him with acute appendicitis, his first question to me was "what the Hell is wrong with you!"