Thursday, January 7, 2016

Button Ad from T. Hartnett's Bar - 1910ish

Here is an artifact from a one-time Sutton business.

This advertises "T. Hartnett's" of Sutton, Neb. It is a metal "button" 2" in diameter with a mirror on the back.

Timothy Hartnett was the son of an Irish farmer in Sutton Township in 1880 named Joseph Hartnett. There were multiple Hartnett's around. An Anna Hartnett graduated from Sutton High in 1899.

Timothy was born in Ontario in 1860, they came to the US in 1871, By 1885, Timothy was tending bar for William Ryan in Sutton and was listed as bartender in 1900 and 1910 censuses. He must have had his own bar when this button was struck. He was married to Veronica and had a daughter Alice (b. 1903). Timothy died in Palm Beach, FL in 1926.

But the bigger question is, "Who is the lady?" She does not look like my grandmother. Yours?

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Anonymous said...

Tim Hartnett married my GG Grandmother Veronica. Her husband John Quinn had died in Sutton in October 1886. She had one son George (my great grandfather), born the year before John died. A story passed down in the family is of an accident George had. He had his foot run over by a train and lost several toes. The Doctor that treated George was given a case of champagne by Tim and Veronica as payment. I have an original picture of this Doctor and his wife. Ron Bedore,