Tuesday, January 31, 2017

AF Lt. Col. Robert A. Jackson

Plowing through the hard copies of old newspapers each week for our newspaper column leads to multiple "finds" each week, many about personal family history.

This clipping was from late 1966 about the death of my cousin's husband. They were divorced, but I identified with Bob Jackson as the only contemporary military family member. Bob died on November 13, 1966, while I was in Officers Training School in Texas - did not know that until I saw this piece.

The story mentions one of his three children from his marriage to my cousin, Florine (Cassell) Jackson of Edgar. Pat, the stewardess mentioned here was a twin of Robert Jackson, Jr. and they were born in 1945 as military brats. 

Another daughter, Carole Diane Jackson was born in 1956. Carole is married to Mr. Arturo Moreno and they live in Scottsdale,  Arizona and La Jolla, California. They own the Los Angeles Angels baseball team. Wonder of Col. Jackson was a baseball fan...

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