Monday, July 30, 2012

1880 Sutton Advertisers - Clay County Globe

We have received a dandy little scrap book titled "The History of Clay and Fillmore Counties" from the Sheridan family, another of Betty Sheridan's gems.

The book contained a clipping from the Sutton Register in 1931 in which they quote from a copy of The Clay County Globe that was printed in Sutton on Friday, November 5, 1880. It was Vol. 6, No. 20 implying that the Globe had been in publication for some time. The issue included the news that Garfield had defeated Hancock for the presidency. But a very interesting piece was the list of advertising in that issue of the Globe. This was not an extensive list of Sutton businesses in 1880 but just the list of advertisers in one issue of a weekly newspaper.

Attorneys:  H. W. Gray, R. G. Brown, Bagley & Bemis, Stone & Stone, A. A. McCoy and J. S. LeHew

Doctors:  A. O. Kendall, M. V. Clark and A. H. Keller

Druggists:  W. J. Keller and H. H. Keller

General Merchandise:  M. Wittenberg, Merrill & Co. and John Honey & Sons

Dry Goods & Clothing:  Stein & Kramer

Hardware:  I. N. Clark & Co. and Way & Hoerger

Implements:  Thompson & Bros. and A. C. Clyde

Bakery and Confectionery:  W. W. Wieden

Dentist:  J. H. Johnson

Masons and Plasterers:  H. B. Batteshill and C. M.& W. A. Heusel

Wells & Pumps:  J. S. Lewis & Son

Harness: John A. Ling and Jos. Grice

Jeweler:  Paul Braitsch

Hotels: Clark House and French Hotel

Groceries:  Roberts Bros.

Photographer and Tin Types:  W. A. Fowler

Millinery: Mrs. C. Braun

Livery: Hawkins & Torrey and Moon & Roberts

Wagon Maker:  K. T. Jones

Blacksmith:  Lehrman & Nagel

Meat Market: Bemis & Barnhart

Tailor:  Geo. H. Sporl

Flour and Feed:  J. W. Heusel

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