Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sutton History TIDBIT - the Bemis Cow

Mrs. George Bemis (Ada Augusta Gray) told this story in her "Reminiscences of a Sutton Pioneer" in the October 19, 1933 issue of the Sutton Register when she was living in York. The story probably took place about 1871 or '72, soon after they had settled in Sutton. The "spouse" in the story is George Bemis, one of the early attorneys in Sutton.

"We bought a cow, and it was brought home one night and milked with great ceremony. The next morning when my spouse made no move to repeat, I finally asked him if it was not time to milk, and to my great amazement, he said, 'Why, are you out of milk already?' Heretofore, he had owned only driving horses and the care of other domestic animals was a mystery to him."

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