Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Cast of the 1892 Sutton Performance of the Chimes of Normandy

The Cast of "The Chimes of Normandy" from a Sutton performance in 1892

We are grateful to the Sheridan family for this photo, one of dozens, maybe over a hundred that they donated. We are further grateful that most of the photos included identification of the subjects.

Some of the names are illegible but we'll make a best guess here and continue to research the identification of each actor.

The long row of girls and women is identified as (Mrs. Dr. Vradenberg), Gertrude Merrill, Lila Brown, Grace Walton, Rose Merrill, (Mrs. Dr. J. M. Birkrier), Mrs. J. B. Frederick, Minnie Clift, Edith Braitsch, Eva Meyer, Ada Gray, Irene Honey, Mayme Wieden.

Seated in the front: P. Sodeberg (a rare instance of Sutton's photographer on that side of the camera) and Mrs. L. (Murtz) pianist.

Standing Center: Professor J. Henri Seacrest of Lincoln with  J. B. Frederick reclining.

Back row: Gus Neuman, Fred Scott, j. H. Towns, Gaul Rice and Fred Keller.

I'm sure I've misread several of the names. Any help or new guesses are welcome.

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