Friday, June 27, 2014

1939 Letter from Herbert Johnson, Saturday Evening Post cartoonist

The documentation that political cartoonist Herbert Johnson really was from Sutton has been weak and hard to verify. This letter appeared in the June 29, 1939 issue of The Sutton Register and should put to rest any uncertainty about the nature of the connection.

The earlier blog posting about Mr. Johnson is below at: earlier Herbert Johnson post

It was Roy Clark that Mr. Johnson saw in 1935. Roy was the son of I. M. Clark, the developer of the west part of Sutton and the brother of Albert W. Clark (Mamie Wieden's husband) who was Sutton's Ice Man for years. Albert (Bertie) died in 1922 and this is the first time I've seen evidence that Roy had taken over the ice business. The source of the ice was Glen Lake, now known as Clark's Pond.

Herbert Johnson, political cartoonist for the Saturday Evening Post and Country Gentleman
magazines and one-time Sutton resident.

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