Monday, June 30, 2014

Judith Ann Stuebbe, 1965 Miss Idaho and one-time Sutton High student.

Fifty years ago this week (early July, 2014) one-time Sutton gal Judy Stuebbe was named Miss Idaho.

Judy Stuebbe, okay, Judith Ann Stuebbe attended Sutton Schools through her freshman year of high school when her father, Rev. Calvin Stuebbe, minister of Emmanuel Reformed Church transferred to an Aberdeen, South Dakota church.

Judy attended Northern State College (now University) in Aberdeen for two years before going to the University of Idaho. She was selected as Miss University of Idaho in 1964 and as Miss Idaho in July, 1964 qualifying her for the trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey for the 1965 Miss America Pageant.

Judith Ann Stuebbe, from the "Gem of the Mountains" - the 1964 University of Idaho annual.

Judy was a serious music student performing a piano piece as her talent portion in the beauty pageants. I was unable to locate a photo of our French Horn quartet when we were freshmen at Sutton High but did find the Freshmen Triple Trio photo in the 1958 Sutton annual.

The 1958 Freshmen Triple Trio with Judith Ann Stuebbe and Paula McBeth in the top row, Jeanene Carlson, Marcia Miller and Pam Hollenbeck in the middle row and Billie Rae, Sharon Stevens, Charlotte Campbell and Karen Eberhard in the front row.

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