Monday, June 30, 2014

Linda Lautenschlager won the 2014 Kuchen Baking Contest - congratulations

The Sutton Historical Society enjoys celebrating the Kuchen as one of the fine German contributions to civilization. The ninth annual contest had six contestants tempting the judges with their latest masterpieces.

The Kuchen Baking Contest winners were Sheila Ochsner, third place, Melissa Reichert, second place and first place winner, Linda Lautenschlager.


Our contestants at the ninth annual Kuchen Baking contest: William Boehler, Nancy Domeier, Sheila Ochsner, Melissa Reichert and Linda Lautenschlager. Pam Woodward was also a contestant but we missed her for the photo. Thanks to all for participating and joining us for the fun.

This page produced while enjoying the "ATOMIC KUCHEN" decorated in the design of the international symbol for radioactivity and a very tasty piece of work...

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