Monday, June 30, 2014

PHOTO QUIZ - Distinctive Sutton Cafe (we think)

We acquired this photo believed to be of a Sutton business, apparently a cafe from some time in the past. The establishment had a distinctive shape that should be easily identifiable, if you know about it. Note that the bar on the left is at a sharp angle to the rest of the building turning the near section into a triangle. It is especially apparent from the design of the ceiling over the bar.

So, who can tell us what business this was, where was it located, who are the six people in the picture and about when was it taken.


The original picture.

There are several Coca-Cola signs above and around the bar, one promoting "Cooling - Exhilarating" possibly indicating a summer season. The dark sign above the mirror reads, "We serve Hunt's Ice Cream 'Taste Tells.'" There is also a calendar on the right wall at a sharp angle and so far, defying enhancement.

Note the pinball machine and the three distinctive chairs in the foreground. The door at the back appears to lead to the kitchen(?)

Cropped and edited picture to accentuate the ceiling and remove the sepia effect.

This enlargement is intended to give a bit better view of the six people. There is a ghost-like image on the far right of the original photo that appears to be a woman in the last booth but it is distorted. 

One theory is that it might be in the location of the Grothe Drug Store that may have had an angled wall (don't remember myself) and that there was a door to the basement to the left of this shot. If so, who/what preceded Fred Grothe in that storefront?

Have fun and let us know...  Comment below.

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Sutton Historical Society said...

Discussions at Pancake Saturday leaned toward identifying this establishment as the Lilledoll cafe the preceded the Grothe Drug Store on the west side of the north end of downtown Sutton. Does that ring a bell for anyone or does it upset you?