Sunday, May 31, 2015

311 N. Way Ave. - Sutton Houses Project

What do you know about the house at 311 N. Way Ave.?

311 N. Way Ave.

Welcome to another edition of the Sutton House Project. Check out this page for details and links to other houses posted on the blog:

We welcome your comments about this house, for instance:

-          When was the house built?
-          Who built it?
-          Is there anything interesting or distinctive about the design, construction or features of the house?
-          Who lived in the house and when?
-          Were you ever in the house? What did it look like at that time?
-          What stories have you ever heard about the house?
-          Any other comments…

Post in the comments below.

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Sutton Historical Society said...

The first home of John and Emma Gray.

This home was included in the 2008 calendar by the historical society - "Miss December."

"...this house at 311 N. Way Ave. built in the 1870's possibly as early as 1876. The Gray's lived in the house until 1908 when they built their retirement home next door. The home likely was a simple two-story square building and numerous additions have been made to all sides of the structure. Residents included the Ackerman and Ulmer families. The home belonged to Dean and Dorothy Schinzel while Mrs. Schinzel operated her law business out of the home until her death."

Rita and Jerry Johnson purchased the home from Mrs. Schinzel's daughter and make it available to the historical society.

Mrs Schinzel's law office was in a two-room office that was the right half of the double garage. The location, the layout and the shelving which had been the home to 1100 law books attracted the volunteers of the Sutton Bread Box who now use the one-time law office as their home for Sutton's food pantry operation.