Sunday, May 31, 2015

412 S. Maltby Ave. - Sutton Houses Project

What do you know about this house at 412 S. Maltby Ave.?

412 S. Maltby

412 S. Maltby Ave.

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We welcome your comments about this house, for instance:

-          When was the house built?
-          Who built it?
-          Is there anything interesting or distinctive about the design, construction or features of the house?
-          Who lived in the house and when?
-          Were you ever in the house? What did it look like at that time?
-          What stories have you ever heard about the house?
-          Any other comments…

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Sutton Historical Society said...

This house appeared in the historical society'a 2008 calendar of historic houses. The caption for the house was:

"This home at 412 S. Maltby was built by Valentine Peter, Jr. and his wife Katharina in 1910. Valentine Peter was part of the Germans from Russia migration and a Sutton area farmer. Mr. Brauning, Peter's brother-in-law, was one of the carpenters on this house. The home features oak wood with built-in drawers and a hutch. The Peter's son, Helmut and his family including five children lived in the home during the depression with Valentine and Katharina."

Beth Bartell currently lives in this house.

Sutton Historical Society said...

Valentine Peter, Jr. had ownership in a lumber yard business in Sutton, thus the beautiful oak wood work in this home at 412 South Maltby Ave. John Brauning was a well-known carpenter in Sutton, know also as Abba-John. John Brauning built a play pen for my Mother, Betty McLaughlin Sheridan, that was so sturdy she could not move it from room to room. The home has oak "pocket doors", which slide into the wall when not in use, at two entry ways into a den room. There is a built in china hutch down stairs and a built in linen closet upstairs, and ornate wood pillar structures between the living and dining rooms. The attic is a full third floor. I was told by Virginia Peter Smith that her brother had a taxidermy hobby, and wooden shelving was at the top of the walls in the living room to display his hobby. The front porch has the original tin ceiling. Owners after the Peter family included the Hager, Theodore Hofmann, and Schweer families. Thomas H. Bartell and Beth Sheridan Bartell bought this home at 412 South Maltby in 1995, with their three children, Emily, Frederick and Sylvia. It is a lovely family home. Beth Sheridan Bartell