Sunday, May 31, 2015

407 W. Cedar - Sutton House Project

What do you know about the house at 407 W. Cedar St.?

407 W. Cedar St.

Welcome to another edition of the Sutton House Project. Check out this page for details:

We welcome your comments about this house, for instance:

-          When was the house built?
-          Who built it?
-          Is there anything interesting or distinctive about the design, construction or features of the house?
-          Who lived in the house and when?
-          Were you ever in the house? What did it look like at that time?
-          What stories have you ever heard about the house?
-          Any other comments…

Post in the comments below.

Okay, and thanks for playing.

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Sutton Historical Society said...

Didja know this house is on the Nebraska National Register for historic sites?

Hannele Plettner said...

In the early 1970's, I had the pleasure meeting two wonderful ladies who lived in the Clark house across the pond from us. They were two Kathryn's. One was Kathryn Buck and I don't remember the other Kathryn's last name.
Kathryn (Buck) was biologist and the other Kathryn was librarian in Doane College, Crete NE. Kathryn Buck's father used to own the house.
I got to visit them many times while they were living there.During those times I never went upstairs.They both were so very proud of the house and about the story of the three Clark brothers , who wanted outdo each others with building bigger and better house.
House was full of "stuff", books, newspapers etc in piles everywhere. Kathryn Buck told me all about her antiques in the house, pointing out which were going to be eventually given to the Clay County Museum (I should go see if they are there).
Kathryn's hobby in summer time was to walk down to the pond and take water samples... not sure why, but they were there often. Her other hobby was to knit 'little' things like baby booties and hats. When our oldest daughter was born, Miss Buck made the cutest pink , knitted booties for her.
Great memories from the 70's, getting to know these two sweet ladies.