Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Harvard's Incorporation and early newspaper

The Harvard Courier newspaper ran a couple of historic pieces in July, 1940. This is a reprint of the front page of their very first issue on January 20, 1885. They chose to print this 1940 issue on "goldenrod" paper stock, or yellow as I'd call it. I kept the color for this posting, because... just because.

The front page of the very first issue of the Harvard Courier newspaper in 1885. Cool.

Printed in the Harvard Courier in July, 1940 - the story of the incorporation of Harvard 67 years earlier.

Part 1 of the story of the incorporation of our
neighboring town of Harvard in July, 1873.

Part 2 of the story of Harvard's Incorporation

Posted as promised in a recent Sutton Historical Society column in The Clay County News.

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