Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Lincoln Car Club Visit - June 19, 2015

A Lincoln Car Club stopped at the Sutton Museum on June 19th at the beginning of their all-day Mystery Tour.

This Shriner group is mainly a "Muscle Car" club. They filled the street in front of the museum and, since I had my camera handy, I thought I'd admire their rides while they admired our museum.


One does not see this kind of view on North Way Avenue very often.

An Olds convertible from about...1968ish. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Not really from the classic muscle car era, but we'll give it a pass. Yes.

I like the juxtaposition of these two in front of the 1899 school house.

'64 Chevy Impala, isn't it?

All started, running and pulling out on the way to the Filling Station Restoration downtown.

All right, Chris Lieb's place was likely the main attraction for the car club to begin their day in Sutton, but we enjoyed hosting them for a bit. This was the Star of the Show.

A Spiffy Pickup. Chris was working on the headlights a day or two earlier when I stopped to coordinate the visit. He also needed to get the doors and seats installed by Friday. He got the doors on.

A Work in Progress.
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