Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sutton TV Center

Once upon a time repairing televisions was a viable small town business model. The Sutton TV Center operated on the west side of the south end of downtown Sutton for several years.

This set of photos are on a plaque (at the bottom of this page) that Donna Waddle has.

Elmer Plettner II ran this business at 103 S. Saunders Ave. for years followed by a fellow, name escapes, who had the store for one year. Claude and Donna Waddle owned and operated this business from 1973 until 1992.

The store front now occupied by Overturf and Associates as it
appeared in 1973.
There were steps down to the basement from the sidewalk in front of the store. Those were filled in when the street and sidewalks were repaved. The immediate impetus for shutting this down was the occasional use of this hidden alternative toilet especially during carnival days, etc.

The basement was used as a storage space during much of this time, however, I do have a question that has been gnawing at me for years.

I seem to remember from my kid-days (1950's) that there was a basement apartment here. I seem to remember that a black family lived there for a short time, likely to only black family in Sutton at the time, or for some period in either direction.

Does anyone else remember this or did I dream it?

Claude and Donna Waddle - their store opening?

TV's for sale, new and used plus parts and supplies.

This is the layout of the Waddle plaque. Zenith televisions were something of a Standard.

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