Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Newspaper Clips - 1915

Advertisements provide a good insight into life in the past...

This ad is for a nine reel movie - NINE, count 'em, NINE REELS playing at the Lyric Theater in Sutton
on July 8th, 1915. Notice the billing of "...an excellent cast of capable players."  So glad to hear that they
capable players. Do you suppose "capable" once meant more that today?

The "Opera Bar" suggests that it was near, probably underneath The Opera House. Adolph Storz
of Omaha was one of the pioneer brewers in the area. He and Adolph Coors divided up states
in the Colorado, and Nebraska surrounding area which would not past legal muster today.

Did you ever use one of these? Ours was a hand crank powered
unit until the electricity system reached the farm in 1949 and
we installed an electric motor - progress and labor saving.

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