Wednesday, June 3, 2015

1898 Early June Newspaper items

The Brown's, first F. M. and then his son Charles Brown were the long-time publishers of The Sutton Register newspaper. Their retrospective column looked back to the Register of 42 years prior. Why 42 years? I've never found a clue about that number. My guess is that they came up with the idea of the column when the paper was 42 years old and started with the first issue.

So this column appeared in the June 6, 1940 issue sourcing the Register from early June, 1898.


Field Day was a county-wide athletic competition between the county high schools held at the end of the school year. It was a deal. The railroad often set up special trains to take fans to and from the event (nearly all county towns were rail-connected into the '30's.)

Mrs. F. M. Hanke was the wife of Hanke the Tailor.

A. W. Clark was Albert W. (Bertie) Clark, son of I. N. Clark of the early Clark brothers, among the first Sutton residents. Bertie's wife was the former Mayme Wieden who outlived her husband by 41 years dying in 1963. Mayme was the ultimate social gadfly as a member, usually an officer of nearly every organization in town.

The Oakland Hotel was on the banks of School Creek on the west side of Saunders Avenue. It was a substantial four story building (instant memory item). It burned in 1902.

Retrospective column from the June 6, 1940 Sutton Register newspaper.

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