Monday, June 1, 2015

504 S. Way Ave. - Sutton Houses Project

What do you know about this house at 504 S. Way Ave.?

504 S. Way Ave.

Welcome to another edition of the Sutton House Project. Check out this page for details and links to other houses posted on the blog:

We welcome your comments about this house, for instance:

-          When was the house built?
-          Who built it?
-          Is there anything interesting or distinctive about the design, construction or features of the house?
-          Who lived in the house and when?
-          Were you ever in the house? What did it look like at that time?
-          What stories have you ever heard about the house?
-          Any other comments…

Do you have any photos of this house from the past? If so, we’d appreciate a copy.

Post in the comments below.

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Sutton Historical Society said...

The house now belongs to Nathan and JJ McKenzie. They have done a bang-up job of landscaping and sprucing up the lot. Rita Erickson lived here earlier owning the eight lots behind the house where she planted about 70 trees of differing varieties, many not native to this area. A surprising number, almost all initially survived but about a dozen of them have deceased in the past few years.

Name: Jan Jaree said...

This house sits on two of the originally plotted lots of Block 38 First Addition to Sutton, NE. The north portion of Lot 10 and the south portion of Lot 11. The north portion of Lot 10 was deeded by Henry Elfring & wife Riecky to Anna Rosalia (Hofer) Schwarz on 4/8/1919. The south portion of Lot 11 was willed to Anna Rosalia Schwarz by her parents Rev. Michael and Louisa Hofer in 1930. The home was built by John and Anna Rosalia (Hofer) Schwarz in the early 1920s. I have not been able to pinpoint an exact date. John and Anna Rosalia lived in the home with their four children, Harold, Bernice, Senobia and Paul until John’s death in 1937. John was a salesman at his father’s (Christian Schwarz) clothing store, Wieland & Schwarz.

In 1940, Anna Rosalia Schwarz deeded the property to Donald and wife Doris Richter.

In 1945, Donald and Doris Richter deeded the property to Mary Welch. Mary was the wife of Dr. Joeseph Welch. Mary died in 1955 and willed the property to Joseph’s grandsons Joseph Welch II and John Welch, however Mary added in her will that Dr. Welch’s daughter Adelaide (Welch) Kleitsch could remain living in the home until death or remarriage. Adelaide died in 1975.

In 1975, Joseph and wife Greta Welch, John Richard and wife Donna Welch deeded the property to James and wife Susan Lamberty. I believe the Lambertys worked the Sutton Community home until James’ sudden death.

In 1977 Susan Lamberty deeded the property to Loyle and wife Rita Erickson.

In 2008 Loyle and wife Rita Erickson deeded the property to Nathan McKenzie.

The main floor consists of a foyer, large family and dining room divided by built-in colonnades, fireplace surrounded by built-in cabinetry, benches and mantle, kitchen, built-in hallway storage, two bedrooms, one bathroom and a small bedroom/office. There was a small porch off the kitchen that had to be removed. The basement was finished in 2012 and consists of a laundry room, two bedrooms, one bathroom, commons area, man cave and storage room. The basement features canning ledges and a coal shoot. The upstairs has never been finished, however it has six large windows and 870 square feet of potential. The garage was built in 2013.

The previous owners have done an amazing job preserving the original woodwork, plaster walls, light fixtures, hardward, etc. I am very interested in the history of our home and would love to have more details, facts, stories, pictures…pretty much anything a person is willing to share. I want to give a huge shout out to Jerry Johnson for this wonderful idea and for putting it all together with this great blog.