Wednesday, June 17, 2015

1915 - June newspaper clippings

These newspaper clippings are from the June 17, 1915 issue of The Sutton Register and the June 18, 1915 Sutton News newspapers. They are about the eighth grade exams and some ... not so accurate answers by some students, a report of a hail storm and F. M. Brown's information about the European war news for his local readers of The Sutton Register.

This 1915 account of the annual county eighth grade examinations included some of the "wrong" answers on some kind of essay quiz. May have been brutal on the kids, but still, some funny answers.

This newspaper account of a storm appeared 100 years ago this week in the Sutton News.

F. M. Brown was the editor of The Sutton Register for several years always doing his best to keep his readers informed on national and international news, sometimes at the expense of local news. But he seems to give a good perspective of public opinion that we have probably lost.

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