Friday, June 5, 2015

603 S. Way Avenue - Sutton House Project

What can you tell us about this house at 603 S. Way Avenue on Myrtle Street?

603 S. Way Avenue - though the house faces Myrtle Street - it was rotated a quarter turn at one point

Welcome to another edition of the Sutton House Project. Check out this page for details and links to other houses posted on the blog:

We welcome your comments about this house, for instance:

-          When was the house built?
-          Who built it?
-          Is there anything interesting or distinctive about the design, construction or features of the house?
-          Who lived in the house and when?
-          Was there a name that the house was commonly known as?
-          Do you have a suggestion as to what name the house might be known by?
-          Were you ever in the house? What did it look like at that time?
-          What stories have you ever heard about the house?
-          Any other comments…

Do you have any photos of this house from the past? If so, we’d appreciate a copy.

Post in the comments below.

Okay, and thanks for playing.

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