Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday morning flooding - June 5th

About 8:30 am, June 5, 2015

Something around four inches of rain in the School Creek watershed coming through Sutton this morning. Our museum is on low land which historically regularly flooded before the creek was straightened to get high water through town faster, and it's worked well. This use to be a near-annual occurrence.

Looking north on Way Avenue north of the railroad tracks toward the Dean Yost home across the street.lake.

The School House Museum is perched on five layers of cement blocks to get it up above the street level. That has been rather effective for eight years, Still do not know as of this posting if water penetrated the building - will need to wade out there to find out.

School Creek on the left, the back of the school house on the right. Clearly, the level of water in School Creek is a few feet higher than the pond around the school. The "pond" needs to drain into the creek. Not happening today.

Looking west upstream on School Creek to the Saunders Avenue Bridge on the north edge of downtown Sutton. The water is moving smartly east but the creek is tasked with draining quite a large waterlogged watershed that stretches several miles to the west. 

Again, the Sutton Museum's Wolfe School Museum. Looks like some work ahead.

This is the "small" and usually nearly dry unnamed creek behind the museum and the Hunzeker house and across from Ted Griess's home. The foxes in the dens on the creek bank must have had an exciting night. 

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